Fort de France


Became the capital of Martinique following the eruption of Mount Pelée Volcano (Mountain Pelée) on 8th of May,1902, which completely destroyed the old capital of Martinique, St. Pierre, and caused the death of all its inhabitants (about 30,000 people) with the only exception of a man who was an inmate in the local jail at the time of the disaster. Fort de France has more than 100,000 population and is a city where new and modern buildings coexist with as many as old and dilapidated ones, new and old dwellings,apartments and villas Creole style, all greatly colored. During the day the city is full of life, noises and colors, all the streets and the alleys are teeming with people and it becomes empty at sunset (sundown takes place in the Caribbean around 18:30).
The Savannah Park and the seafront have been redesigned in order to incorporate the coast and create an area  destined for concerts, exhibitions as well as for cultural and gastronomic events.