Telephone & Postal Service

If you are in Martinique and you can't or won't use your own mobile phone, please note that the best way to call is the purchase of prepaid telephone cards (Ekocard is considered the best) at newsstands,Internet Points, service stations, souvenir shops etc. To call Martinique from abroad, please dial the international code 00596 + area code 596 for land lines and 696 for mobile phones + the subscriber's number. To call from Martinique the rest of the world, please dial the international code of the country you wish to call + the city's area code + the subscriber's number.To call France,just dial the 10 digit number without the international code.
Calls from Martinique to Guadalupe, St.Martin and St.Barths are considered of local nature.If you wish to use your own mobile phone,please activate,prior to departure, the Roaming service which will allow you to use the local cellular telephony provider. The coverage is excellent throughout the island.

La Poste offices are located in all the island's major cities and are closed every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. The Post Offices,often very congested,are open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It takes the mail 5-7 days to get to France or to another French area and almost double to the rest of the world in that it's sorted out in Paris.