Health & Vaccinations

Public Health in Martinique is among the best in the Caribbean and its' showpiece is La Meynard Hospital, located near Fort  de France. There are a lot of surgeons as well as specialists and many times is not necessary to make an appointment to see them, however the wait may be a long one. As a general rule,it's advisable to show up about 30 minutes prior to the opening of the walk-in clinics.Fees are 25 Euros for a surgeon and up to 30 Euros for a specialist. Italian tourists should activate at the local ASL their Health Card issued by the Ministry of Health so that it can be operational throughout Europe. It's advisable to arrange a medical insurance.

No vaccination is required unless you are from an African or a South American state where the yellow fever is widespread (in this case a vaccination certificate is necessary,in its absence  you'll be inoculated on the spot). It is recommended that you get injected against hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid fever, tetanus and diphtheria at your local ASL walk-in clinics. In Martinique,as well as in other Caribbean areas,mosquitoes abound and in addition to the usual discomforts caused by their bites, some of them (Aedes aegypti) can transmit the Dengue, an infectious disease against which there is no vaccine available. It shows itself with high fever and very severe articular pains, headache and rash, in this case is advisable to consult a physician right away or rush to the hospital at the Infectious Diseases Department. As a rule, you should prevent mosquitoes bites by using a good repellent which must contains between 7 and 20% of DEET (Diethyltoluamide).On Martinique's sandy beaches ( generally in the South) it's crucial to avoid the manchineel tree,which is usually marked by a panel or red strips painted on its grey trunk. It resembles an apple tree and all its parts like the leaves, the bark and even the sap are toxic and just being in contact with it will cause severe burns. It's therefore not advisable to take shelter under the tree in case of rain and not to use its branches for a barbecue.